Founder Kyle Sniatecki

While it’s never been confirmed, the legend is Kyle Sniatecki took his first steps so he could kick a soccer ball. That may be a myth, but the reality is the Buffalo, New York, native has made soccer his life for more than a decade.

Sniatecki has competed on all levels, from leading his high school at home to representing his country overseas on pitches across Europe. He was captain of the NY-West Olympic Development Team and Region 1 Regional Team during matches in Germany, also playing for team and country in Austria, England and Scotland. In 2007, Sniatecki was recognized as one of the top 150 players in the nation when selected to participate in the Elite Soccer Program camp.

He came to Marshall University to continue playing the game he loves, and decided to stay in his new home of Huntington after graduation to turn his passion into a business so he could help others. A co-captain of Thundering Herd soccer his senior year, Sniatecki is no stranger to leading younger players to realize their full potential. And that’s the driving force behind Soccer by Sniatecki, the desire to help others not just learn skills, but to better their whole selves through soccer.

Coach Sniatecki holds a USSF National C License, NSCAA Premier Diploma, NSCAA Level 3 Goalkeeping Diploma, NSCAA Mental/Physical Player Development Diploma and Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma.

SBS Mission

When Kyle Sniatecki began his business it was with the desire to help create opportunities for players to make it to the next level. He makes every effort to help each player reach not only their maximum potential on the field, but also in life. This happens through a fun and challenging training environment designed to help players improve their skills, physical fitness and overall knowledge of soccer through a rigorous curriculum of customized training sessions.

While developing technical soccer skills is at the core of SBS, Sniatecki places great emphasis on the personal development of his clients. For some, soccer is a fun game, but for others it could be the ticket to college or even becoming a professional athlete. That is why SBS is so important to the Tri-State region. Sniatecki is living proof that soccer can be the medium in which a person can make it, and he is dedicated to help others find their own paths through soccer. Soccer by Sniatecki has a simple mission: “Your goal is my goal.”